• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Burundi will soon have a new country program, CPD 2024-2027


Feb 7, 2023

GITEGA February 7th (ABP) – The United Nations Development Program in Burundi (UNDP-Burundi), in collaboration with the government of Burundi through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, has organized since Wednesday February 1st in Gitega (center of the country), a three-day workshop on the theory of change as part of developing a new country program, CPD 2024-2027, for national stakeholders.

The resident representative of UNDP-Burundi, Mr. Mathieu Ciowela, indicated that the holding of that workshop is a good moment between UNDP and the government of Burundi to analyze together the root causes of the major challenges that the country is now facing and to identify the paths of direction to change required for an effective cruising of the country, towards the achievement of sustainable development goals and emergence in 2040.

Mr. Ciowela also pointed out that on the basis of the comparative advantage of the UNDP, the workshop participants also proceeded to the identification of the solutions on which that organization could invest in collaboration with the other partners of Burundi because, he added, the program will be aligned with national priorities as defined in the national development program, PND 2018-2027, and the national program for capitalization of peace, social stabilization and promotion of economic growth 2021-2027.

On that basis, he again reaffirmed that UNDP-Burundi will spare no effort to accompany and support the government of Burundi in its ongoing development efforts to strengthen their cooperation. The resident representative of UNDP-Burundi also invited participants to keep in mind that those activities rely on the principles of leaving no one behind, inclusiveness, gender equality and the human rights-based approach.

Taking the floor, the permanent secretary at the ministry in charge of development cooperation, Ambassador Isaïe Kubwayo indicated that this work will have the merit, like the cooperation framework plan, of being part of a new impetus of a dynamic centered on the alignment of the programs of the UN agencies with the national planning instruments, starting with the vision of Burundi 2025, the national development plan PND 2018-2027, the national program of capitalization of peace, social security and promotion economic growth (PNCP-SS-PCE).