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Closure of cinemas in the Gakungu zone until further notice


Jan 31, 2023

RUTANA January 30th (ABP) – All cinemas opening in Gakungu zone of Giharo commune, Rutana province, are closed until further notice, Governor of Rutana province Mr. Olivier Nibitanga, said during a security meeting he held on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 for the people of that zone.

Concerning the agents of the general commissariat of migrations located on the Burundian-Tanzanian border, who ask for money from the people of that locality in request of the document authorizing them to stay in the United Republic of Tanzania, that is “Ujirani Mwema”, a document which should be granted free of charge, Mr. Nibitanga warned them while adding that whoever charges the people for that service will be punished according to the law.

Note that those agents explained that the reason they applied that charge for the said document is that they need to make copies of the original ones granted to them, and that this service is possible in a remote location which requires them to spend a lot to get there and get back to the workplace.

Among the challenges faced by the people traveling to that neighboring country for various reasons, they denounced the police who ask them for a sum of money on their return.

Governor Nibitanga asked them to stop that practice because it is illegal, otherwise sanctions will be imposed on them. It is worthy to note that the governor called on them to participate massively in community work, in order to be able to properly maintain the tracks of that zone.