• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Three members of the government have visited Gitega


Jan 30, 2023

GITEGA January 30th (ABP) – Three ministers namely, the minister in charge of communication, Mrs. Léocadie Ndacayisaba, the minister in charge of energy, Ir. Ibrahim Uwizeye and the minister in charge of education, Prof. François Havyarimana, made on Thursday, January 26, 2023, a joint trip to Gitega province (center of the country), to collect the grievances of the people.

As an observation, several concerns of the people were centered on the field of education. Minister Havyarimana, too, said his ministry is threatened by several challenges.

                                                                    View of the participants

Starting from the challenge related to the deployment of teachers, Mr. Havyarimana pointed out to the directors of public schools that from now on, the deployment is considered as a definitive assignment to teachers to avoid that there are schools with surplus of teachers compared to others, but mutations are allowed. He also pointed out that teachers who are not satisfied with their deployment and who wish to have transfers, can contact their communal director of education or provincial director of education to analyze their case, provided that there is a teacher who stays in the classes they occupied after they left. He also called on all principals of public schools to pay the watchmen of those schools as soon as possible, taking into account that they have all received operating costs, including 15,000 BIF that is paid to each watchman.

Minister Havyarimana also gave a 15-day period to all school principals who have not yet awarded diplomas to their graduates for the 2021-2022 school year. He further suggested that the provincial director of education in collaboration with the governor of Gitega, should draw up a list of all the directors who, until now, have not given diplomas to students who have completed their studies in the 2020-2021 school year, to be replaced by others.

The other challenge raised concerns educators who sleep together with their educated. On this, the minister in charge of education indicated that he will carry out in-depth investigations to find out the reality and punish the culprit in accordance with the law.

It is worthy to note that other challenges raised by the participants at the meeting were related to the deterioration in the quality of teaching, a small number of graduates who attend the University of Burundi compared to those who passed the State examination, the introduction of bonuses for directors, the increase in catering costs for boarding students, the introduction of language sections in boarding schools, to name but a few. To all those concerns, Minister Havyarimana replied that everything depends on the national budget.