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15 kg of cassiterite-type minerals have been seized


Jan 17, 2023

KAYANZA January 17th (ABP) – Police operating in Kabarore commune of Kayanza province (north) seized on Saturday January 14, 2023, 15 kg of cassiterite-type minerals. The communal police commissioner in Kabarore reports that the owner of those minerals fled to Rwanda. He took that opportunity to ask the inhabitants of that commune to provide information in real time in order to achieve the eradication of fraud.

According to the communal police commissioner in Kabarore, Major of Police Eric Bigirimana, those 15 kilograms of cassiterite-type minerals packed in a bag were seized precisely in Rukere village. Having noticed that he was going to be caught by the police, the owner of those minerals threw them on the ground before running away to Rwanda. The same police information source indicated that the police also seized a phone belonging to the alleged fraudster.

The seized minerals and phone were made available to a judicial police officer, according to Major Bigirimana. The police operating in Kabarore commune arrested on the same day in Kivuvu village a certain Clarisse, aged 25, who had been arrested last Friday in possession of 30 kilograms of sugar before escaping. The communal police commissioner in Kabarore says that the police, the administration and the people are working in synergy to eradicate fraud. He took the opportunity to ask the people of Kabarore to provide real-time information whenever there is a case of fraud.