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Raising awareness of administrative officials on the national program “at least five rabbits per household”


Dec 21, 2022

MURAMVYA December 21st (ABP) – The governor of Muramvya province, Diomède Nzambimana, organized on Monday, December 19, 2022, an awareness meeting for administrative officials on the national program aimed at raising at least five rabbits per household. During that meeting which was attended by the provincial police commissioner in Muramvya (Center-West), administrative officials at the level of the zones and villages, the governor strongly recommended to the participants to take the lead in the implementation of that national program and to sensitize the people on the importance of the rabbits, among other things, the rich meat, the rich organic manure the rapid multiplication of the rabbits and their contributions in money necessary for the households.

Participants asked whether there are enough rabbits in the market for each household to have five to buy, improved breeds or medicine for illnesses.

Governor Nzambimana reported that rabbit farmers are numerous in the province and that those domestic animals are found in different markets. He reported that those animals are disease-resistant and veterinarians are on hand for treatment when needed.

                                                                                               View of the participants

In addition, some village leaders have raised cases of misunderstanding on the field between village leaders and village notables with regard to the terms of reference of one another.

After noting that state of affairs, Governor Nzambimana indicated that he is going to plan very soon a campaign to popularize the notebooks of elected officials and village notables.

Regarding the security situation, there have been cases of cattle thefts in Bukeye commune and in the fields as well as in households or shops.

The provincial police commissioner said some thieves are caught and punished while others are on the run. Measures related to the strengthening of provincial security in these days of the end of the year have already been taken, according to Édouard Mukoko, who calls on the members of the joint security committees to give their all for the inform to be given to whom it may concern in proper time.