• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

The Jiji Murembwe hydroelectric power plant remained in good condition despite the weather variations


Dec 19, 2022

BURURI December 19th (ABP) – The torrential rain that fell on Tuesday, December 13, in Muheka village, Nyakigo sub-village, caused material damage, but the hydroelectric power station of Jiji Murembwe was not very touched.

The Director General of REGIDESO and the officials of the ORASCOM company met on the site, affirmed that the infrastructures under construction did not experience any impact linked to that rain. He explained that on the hydroelectric plant, the waters of a small river overflowed the banks and blocked a tunnel which will be used to conduct the waters of the reservoir to the fall towards the stands. Employees are hard at work cleaning it up.

Rémy Nsengiyumva in charge of environmental issues at the company ORASCOM responsible for the construction of that plant, indicated that since the start of construction, the company has come up against unfavorable weather conditions due to heavy rainfall.

The plant is located at the bottom of sloping sites, which are separated by the Jiji and Murembwe rivers, resulting in strong erosion causing landslides.

The completion rate of the work is estimated at 52%, according to ORASCOM officials.

The Director General of REGIDESO, Dr Ir. Major J. Albert Manigomba, asked the company to speed up the work because, he added, everyone needs electric power.