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Presentation of the new national secretaries of the CNDD-FDD party


Dec 19, 2022

KARUSI December 18th (ABP) – The general secretary of the CNDD-FDD party, Révérien Ndikuriyo, went on Thursday, December 15, to Karusi province to present to the activists of that province, the new national secretaries of the party.

On that occasion, he indicated that the Karusi province has always occupied the first place in the elections since 2005. It is to be encouraged but it should be known that this place is coveted, indicated Révérien Ndikuriyo by inviting the activists of Karusi to maintain the same position.

The CNDD-FDD party intends to revitalize itself up to the village level and organize several training courses relating to development and the patriotic spirit, he pointed out. He particularly invited the leaders to behave like a good father and to always be closer to the party members.

The new secretary responsible for the coordination of the leagues of that party, Lazard Mvuyekure, presented the godfather of the province by the name of Martin Nivyabandi and inspired confidence in the new national secretaries.

On his part, provincial secretary Médard Mbazabahizi returned to the great achievements of the party, in particular the permanent recruitment of new members, the construction of houses for the vulnerable, and the environmental protection. He finally pleaded for the construction of the public University in Karusi.