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Young unemployed people are called on to be create and to have a vision


Dec 9, 2022

BUBANZA December 6th (ABP) – One of the young entrepreneurs of the Bubanza commune (North-West of Burundi) calls on young unemployed people to be creative and to have a vision, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The young entrepreneur responds to the name of Katihabwa Adrien met at the workplace, on Friday, December 2, 2022 indicated that he finished his studies in 2011. It was after 2 years of unemployment, in 2013, that he thought to the artisanal dyeing project, which consists of coloring white fabrics to produce loincloths commonly called “Kamanyora”. I started with a capital of 3 million Bu francs, but currently my turnover is around 10 million Bu francs, indicated the young Katihabwa, adding that his production capacity is 100 loincloths per day, with a gain of 4000 BIF on each loincloth.

He appreciates his project positively because, he explains, in 10 years, it has enabled him to start his home, buy a plot and build a house and buy land and a motorcycle.

He is also delighted that he has already created 8 jobs, 6 of which are permanent. To sell its products well, 5 points of sale have been set up, namely those of Bubanza, Gasozo Mageyo, Buyenzi, Kabezi and Masango and that it plans to extend its loincloths throughout the country, he continues. .

As constraints, he evokes the raw materials which are bought abroad and which are expensive. Mr. Katihabwa calls on young unemployed people not to always rely on state employment, but to be creative, to always have a vision and not to hesitate to start their projects with small capital.