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Global Antimicrobial Stewardship Awareness Week 2022


Nov 27, 2022

BUJUMBURA November 23rd (ABP) – The Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS issued a statement last week on the World Awareness Week for the Proper Use of Antimicrobials, 2022 edition, under the theme “Together, let’s prevent antimicrobial resistance”.

In that declaration which was read by the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Public Health and the fight against AIDS, Dr. Olivier Nijimbere, it was specified that this annual campaign aims to raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance ( RAM) and their good management in the world.

That campaign aims to promote best practices among the general public, health professionals and decision-makers to curb the emergence and proliferation of antibiotic-resistant infections, it was added while stressing that this week also aims to promote informed use of those vital medicines in order to preserve their effectiveness for future generations.

Through that statement, the permanent secretary in the ministry in charge of public health pointed out that antimicrobial resistance occurs when microbes such as bacteria, fungi, parasites or viruses adapt and become resistant to the drugs used to fight them, thus impacting the effectiveness of the treatment and increasing the morbidity and mortality rate, the length of hospitalizations and the overall cost of care.

Indeed, antimicrobial resistance is a threat to humans, animals, plants and the environment; hence the theme chosen for this year calls for cross-sectoral collaboration to preserve the effectiveness of these important products.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) calls on Member States to adopt good practices to prevent and fight against this phenomenon within the framework of the “one health” approach, which is based on the involvement of all actors in human, animal, plant and environmental health, it was clarified through that declaration.

Aware of the danger that antimicrobial resistance presents to its people, Burundi has adopted a National Antimicrobial Resistance Control Plan 2020-2023, which is a strategic document clearly showing the interventions to be carried out, the logical framework and performance indicators, Dr. Nijimbere said through the said statement.

Given that each of us has a role to play in stopping antimicrobial resistance, the Ministry in charge of public health recalls that in human health, the key is to only use drugs prescribed by a healthcare professional provider and to ensure that the prescribed treatment is followed in its entirety, respecting the recommended dosages.

“The misuse and abuse of antimicrobials puts us all at risk. Together, let’s do our best to prevent antimicrobial resistance,” the statement concluded, which was read by Dr. Nijimbere.

Note that the global awareness week for the good use of antimicrobials takes place each year from November 18 to 24.