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Preparations for the celebration of the World Day of the Poor


Nov 15, 2022

MURAMVYA November 14th (ABP) – As part of the preparations for the celebration of the World Day of the Poor in the Catholic Church on Sunday November 13, 2022 which took place at the Gasura parish of the Archdiocese of Bujumbura, this parish in collaboration with the ODDBU via caritas Bujumbura is assisting with food and non-food donations the poor people of the six hills of the Gasura Parish in Mbuye commune of Muramvya province (Center-West).

According to the parish priest of this parish, Abbé Pierre Claver Ntahondereye, the activities planned to help the poor are, among other things, the assistance of vulnerable patients with food and non-food items consisting of loincloths, blankets and hoes.

Regarding the doctors, surgeons and ophthalmologists who consulted the vulnerable, the parish priest of Gasura indicated that it is thanks to the partnership between the Christians of the parish, Caritas Bujumbura and the hospital of Ijenda which specialists to go to the operation for the healing of the sick.

Father Pierre Claver Ntahondereye launches a vibrant appeal to Christians but also to all people of good faith to support this activity because, according to him, it is work that requires a lot of resources and support that he considers special to see the bills that will be paid on behalf of these poor people.

Note that 7 vulnerable people suffering from bilateral cataracts and 25 suffering from tumors will soon be operated on free of charge thanks to the partnership of Caritas Bujumbura, Ijenda hospital and Gasura parish for the celebration of the World Day of the Poor, 6th editing.