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The Prime Minister recommends respect for the law everywhere


Nov 11, 2022

MUYINGA November 11th (ABP) – On a tour of the provinces, the Prime Minister, Gervais Ndirakobuca, on Wednesday ordered the various officials of state services, those in charge of security, representatives of religious denominations in Muyinga, ( northeast of Burundi), to prioritize the promotion of the rule of law in their missions.

For him, each manager must respect and ensure respect for the law. “I urge you to protect everyone equally,” he recommended. It instructs the authorities to fight against corruption both on public roads and in offices. It was also an opportunity to remind the audience of the context, the ins and outs of the establishment of responsible and laborious government. He called on the various officials to work in symbiosis, to no longer put their fangs in their legs and transcend the ethnic quarrels that have undermined Burundian society, thereby preventing it from achieving sustainable development. He asked everyone to work together to make up for lost time.

View of the participants

Good political and economic governance must be a daily concern of the various officials in order to move Burundi forward for the good of all citizens, recommended the Prime Minister. Respect for human rights and public affairs must remain the spearhead for everyone, he insisted.

The head of government deplored the behavior of some officials who put forward their well-being instead of that of the population. He strongly decried the fraudulent management that surrounds the payment of bills for the health care of children under five years old and for mothers in childbirth.” The State loses several million francs because of overbilling, sums colossal resources that would be used to develop the country.

After his speech, questions rocketed from everywhere in a room full to bursting. The deconcentration of school titles to the provincial directorates of education, the lack of books in the seventh year class and the first post-basic year, the extension of the electricity network of the water production and distribution board and electricity (REGIDESO), the nurses who demand bail from the injured who present themselves in the healthcare infrastructures, the high cost of living and the stagnation of wages, the construction of the cobblestones in the capital of the province, the next cutting administration that leaves ink and saliva flowing …were addressed to the Prime Minister. Responding to the question in relation to the school titles which are withdrawn in Bujumbura by the heads of establishments and whose travel is expensive, the Prime Minister suggested to the provincial director of education to take control of the schools in order to withdraw them at the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research.

“In the current context, it is difficult to make diplomas available in the Provincial Directorates of Education. It requires people to change in depth, to be responsible, otherwise we would end up with uncontrolled diplomas”. Talking about the deficiency of the books, he indicated that the situation is known to the government. The problem will find a solution in the days to come because education is the pillar of development. Here the Prime Minister pointed out that things are like this because of certain authorities who, when making the contracts, wanted to grease their paws at all costs.

As for the nurses who demand bail from the injured before giving them first aid, the Prime Minister indicated that this is a negative attitude, reprehensible by law. “And besides, the memo from the minister in charge of health is clear on this,” he explained. He called on the heads of the various healthcare structures to issue formal orders in this regard.