• Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The torch of peace welcomed in Karusi province


Nov 10, 2022

KARUSI November 9th (ABP) – At Gahahe village in Gitaramuka commune bordering Muyinga, the governor of Karuzi Mrs. Devote Nizigiyimana welcomed the torch of peace from her colleague from Muyinga Mr. Jean Claude Barutwanayo. Songs and dances marked the passing of the torch of peace before the members of the “Intwararumuri”, the people of Karusi whose natives work outside the province, headed towards the modern provincial stadium under construction for the community development works. To the rhythm of the songs, the work took place in joy.

In his speech, Governor Dévote Nizigiyimana pointed out that the torch of peace illuminates the love of neighbor, the love of peace, the love of work and the love of development.

She recalled that the theme of the 16th edition invites Burundians to respect and good management of national and public heritage. Satisfied with the firm participation of young people in the warm welcome of the torch of peace, Ms. Nizigiyimana asked their elders and parents to be true scouts of this future generation. It should be noted that Governor Nizigiyimana recommended a prayer for rain before closing his speech and accompanying the caravan to Ruvubu, border of Muyinga and Cankuzo where in joy and enthusiasm, the population of the province of welcome was waiting.