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The leader of Butambara village is against divorce


Oct 19, 2022

RUTANA October 19th (ABP) – Married couples should know that divorce has many harmful effects on the lives of their children and on the country. These are the words of the leader of Butambara village in Rutana commune, Mr. Chartier Nsabimana, during an interview with a check by ABP.

According to him, the bride and groom should think about not splitting up for the well-being of their families, their children, and for the development of the country.

Mr. Nsabimana told the check by ABP that he is very concerned about divorcing couples. He contributes a lot in reuniting couples who split up for whatever reason, especially in the village falling under his responsibility. He reported that after two years of service, he has already reunited 24 couples who had split up for various reasons.

Mr. Nsabimana pointed out that after splitting up, children lack the support of their parents, which can be the cause of dropping out of school. In this case, he insisted, they can become street children or thieves and this negatively affects the neighborhood of the divorced couple. All these negative consequences are part of what he is fighting by acting against the divorce.

Given that misunderstanding in the management of family goods is among the causes of divorce in that village, Mr. Nsabimana reminds the couples that they must learn how to manage together the little they have, awaiting the days when they will be prosperous.

Among the methods used by the said leader and his advisers against divorce, he said that they provide pieces of advice to the divorced by showing them the effects of this act for their own families, the neighborhood and the country.

The couples who reunited thanks to the advice of their village leader expressed their satisfaction about their reunion. As a testimony, Minani Ezekiel, a resident of that village says he is proud to be reunited with his wife with whom they have fathered 5 children, after 10 years of separation. As for Mr. Claver Havyarimana and Calinie Ntakirutimana who split up for 3 years, they are happy to be able to get reunited thanks to the advice of their leader and his collaborators.

In view of the consequences of divorce, those who spoke with the check by ABP appealed to couples experiencing some disagreements for various reasons, to think about settling them well and avoid splitting up whatever the causes.