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The minister in charge of labor reassured the civil servants of the parastatal sector


Oct 9, 2022

GITEGA October 9th (ABP) – The Minister of Civil Service, Labor and Employment, Mr. Déo Rusengwamihigo, reassured the civil servants of parastatal institutions concerned about unlocking careers like civil servants with the numbers registers in the ministry in his charge.

                                                               View of the workshop participants

He was speaking to the press on Monday, October 3, 2022, in Gitega (center of the country), on the sidelines of an activity to open a workshop on raising awareness of fair wage policy in the Burundian public sector, attended by state employees from the central-eastern provinces of the country.

To begin with, Minister Rusengwamihigo said that the release in question concerns all state officials without exception.

We opted, first, to unlock careers for the category of those last civil servants because the work was easy to do. They had almost the same level of advancement, explained Minister Rusengwamihigo.

For civil servants in the parastatal sector, he continued, they do not have the same level of advancement because their statutes are different. The minister in charge of labor indicated that some advance, for information, at 3%, others at 5%, 7%, to name but a few.

However, he reassured that the career unlocking of this second category of civil servants is being processed. “I dare to guarantee you and I assure you that this is an operation that we have already started,” he said, adding that the related technical committee has been set up and is working hard.