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The inhabitants of the Matongo and Muruta communes are called upon to enforce the judgments rendered by the courts


Oct 9, 2022

KAYANZA October 9th (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza (north) asks the inhabitants of Matongo and Muruta communes to respect the law, especially by enforcing the judgments rendered by the courts. This appeal was launched to them on Tuesday, October 4, during a field trip carried out in those communes with the aim of executing the judgments rendered but whose winners of the trials have not so far accessed their properties, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Accompanied by his legal adviser, the president of the high court of Kayanza, the public prosecutor and the provincial police commissioner in Kayanza, the governor of Kayanza province, Rémy Cishahayo went to Kinyovu and Gitwe villages of the Matongo commune. There, it was a question of executing the judgments rendered without the winners of the cases benefiting from their landed properties.

In Muruta commune, he listened to the grievances of the people. The inhabitants of the Nkonge village and area accused a senior official at the Ministry of Justice by the name of Célestin Nsavyimana of monopolizing land properties in the surrounding area by moving or removing the stakes which delimit them. In turn, this part of the Ministry of Justice rejected out of hand all these accusations on the pretext that it is jealousy.

For his part, the governor of Kayanza added that no one is above the law to mistreat his fellow citizens, especially since all people are equal before the law. He advised the inhabitants of Matongo and Muruta communes to scrupulously respect the measures taken by the judiciary and to appeal in case of dissatisfaction.