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Closing of the national festival of culture edition 2022


Oct 9, 2022

BUJUMBURA October 9th  (ABP) – The Assistant to the Minister of East African Community Affairs (EAC), Youth, Sports and Culture, Mrs. Liliane Gahungu proceeded on Thursday, September 29, 2022, in Bujumbura, at the closing of the national culture festival, 2022 edition, organized from September 28 to 29, 2022 in front of the Intwari stadium under the theme “Dushingire ku mico kama n’akaranga mu gukomeza umubano mwiza, amahoro n’iterambere” (Let’s keep our culture in strengthening social cohesion, peace and development).

In her closing speech, the representative of the Minister in charge of culture immediately thanked the organizers of this national festival of culture which was full of touching lessons emitted through the language and the melody of traditional instruments, with words rich in vocabularies and consistent with the theme of the said festival.

Mrs. Gahungu also expressed her gratitude to the responsible and hard-working government, which is sparing no effort to make the financial means available to the ministry responsible for culture, in order to organize this annual festival which brings together the various cultural groups from all the provinces of the country.

She did not fail to thank the governor’s advisers in charge of socio-cultural affairs who support the ministry in charge of youth and culture by choosing cultural competitors at the provincial level. She also thanked all the cultural competitors who presented their talents as part of the consolidation of Burundian culture.

The Minister’s assistant, in collaboration with the adviser to the mayor of the city in charge of socio-cultural affairs, Mr. Christophe Kinshasa, then proceeded to award prizes to the best performers in art, crafts art and cultural dances.

In terms of painting, the first and second are from Rumonge province with a score of 73% and 70.9% respectively, while the third is from Ruyigi province with a score of 67.9%.

In terms of sculpture, the first was Mr. Lazard Rurerekana from Gitega province with a mark of 85%, followed by the sculptor from the town hall of Bujumbura with a mark of 70.5%, while the third was the sculptor from Bujumbura province with a score of 69.8%.

For basketry, a woman from Mwaro province was the first with a mark of 80% followed by that of Ruyigi province with 70%. The third was basket maker Lazard Ndayikengurukiye from Bubanza province with a score of 68%. The latter is the legal representative of the Cooperative of Young Graduate Beekeepers (COJAD), which aims to produce honey, honey processing and honey wax candles, etc.

In terms of arts and crafts, the top three are respectively Dany Bingaye from Rumonge province, Emmanuel Niyonkuru from Makamba province and Democrat Girumugisha from Bujumbura city with a respective score of 80%, 75% and 68, 5%.

As for cultural dances, the top five provinces were respectively Kirundo (88%), Cibitoke (84%), Karusi (80.8%), Gitega (80.2%) and Ngozi (79.2%). Their envelopes were received by the governor’s advisers who were present at that cultural event.