• Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The CNDD-FDD party activists in Bubanza and Karusi provinces rejoice at the achievements of the Head of State


Sep 30, 2022

BUBANZA/KARUSI September 27th (ABP) – Activists (Bagumyabanga) of the CNDD-FDD party from the Bubanza and Karusi provinces organized a demonstration march to support the achievements of the Head of State.

In Bubanza province, the militants of the said party from all the 5 communes of Bubanza province (north-west of Burundi) met on Saturday the 24th, in the provincial headquarters, for a demonstration march with the aim of support the President of the Republic of Burundi, Evariste Ndayishimiye for his good achievements and decisions taken, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. Among the good achievements of President Ndayishimiye, in that Bubanza province and which have been mentioned, are the construction of the modern stadium and the paving of tracks in the provincial capital, the construction of the Gatura irrigation dam, donation of capital Sangwe cooperatives, construction of communal hospitals in Gihanga and Musigati, drinking water supply in all communes, electrification of the capital of Rugazi commune and 12 hills in Gihanga commune, support for modern livestock farming and others a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his speech, the provincial secretary of the CNDD-FDD party, Mr. Alexandre Ngoragoze, is delighted with all those achievements and says he is satisfied with the good cohabitation with other political parties.

The national secretary in charge of CNDD-FDD affiliated leagues, Sylvestre Ndayizeye called on the Bagumyabanga and the population of this province, to develop patriotism by working for the sustainable development of the country and supporting the program of the State.

To the members of the CNDD-FDD party, he recommends solidarity and mutual aid, respect for the authorities, to serve as a good reference in their respective localities. He promised that the CNDD-FDD will get involved in the development of Bubanza province, calling it a special province. It should be noted that 380 new members from other political parties joined the CNDD-FDD.

In Karusi province, a demonstration march of support and thanks to the President of the Republic, Evariste Ndayishimiye for his achievements at the national level in general and in Karusi in particular was enhanced by Mrs. Nancy Ninette Mutoni, national commissioner in charge of communication.

In their slogans and on the placards, the members of the CNDD-FDD party from all the communes congratulated the President of the Republic Evariste Ndayishimiye for all that he does to the Burundian nation and especially to the province of Karusi. After the demonstration march over more than five kilometers, the members of the said party gathered at the independence monument for the speeches.

The CNDD-FDD party provincial secretary, Mr. Médard Mbazabahizi confirmed that the province enjoys peace and security, that is why it is in the midst of development activities and can organize a joyful demonstration march. He signaled that his province strongly supports the achievements of President Ndayishimiye, his decisions, his commitments and his determination. On behalf of all CNDD-FDD party members, he thanked the Burundi Head of State for the projects he directed to Karusi. He recalled the construction of the Rusi regional multi-sector learning center in Shombo commune inaugurated on September 15, 2022. He spoke of the modern Karusi stadium under construction, the road linking Shombo, Nyabikere and Mutumba communes and which will be extended to Mwakiro in the province of Muyinga. He also mentioned the construction of communal hospitals in Nyabibuye in Shombo, Nyabikere, and Mutumba. He did not fail to speak of the mobilization of the population on crops by irrigation which gives good results in all the communes especially in Gihogazi, on the production in cooperatives which made Gitaramuka the first commune in the production of maize hybrid, the innovation of fish farming in Bugenyuzi and Buhiga, by the government, succeeded thanks to the regular presence of President Ndayishimiye in Karusi according to Mr. Mbazabahizi.

Mrs. Mutoni congratulated the members of the CNDD-FDD for the deserved achievements. She encouraged the population of Karusi province to always be first in several sectors of the country’s life, particularly in education and agriculture.