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The Bagumyabanga express their gratitude to the Head of State for his achievements


Sep 30, 2022

BUJUMBURA September 28th (ABP) – The Bagumyabanga of the CNDD-FDD took part in a demonstration march to express their gratitude to the Head of State, for his recent decisions, with a view to facilitating the life of the Burundian population. The Bagumyabanga of the three communes of the Mairie province met on the Independence Square.

The provincial secretary of the party in Bujumbura  City, Mr. Mvukiye Didimond, said they expressed their gratitude for the decision to sack the judges of the corrupt courts and tribunals. They thank the President of the Republic for having allowed the availability of sugar, little by little fuel and other products which were becoming rare, thing said, thing done, noted Mr. Mvukiye.

Consequently, to that availability, they expressed their support for the President of the Republic for his decision to dismiss various administrative executives who were at the origin of that shortage, following their bad faith by “dipping into speculation”. They expressed their gratitude, also for the decision to import basic necessities.

The national secretary in charge of political, administrative and legal affairs of the ruling party, Mrs. Godeliève Nininahazwe, reconsidered the decision to dismiss some of her collaborators who saw themselves as being up to it, by disrupting the well-being of the population.  Thus, she recalled that the Head of State is “the father of all Burundians and not of any group”.

She pointed out that when the life and well-being of the people are threatened by a handful of people who should be serving them, decisions must be made to address it. She also called on the administrators to get actively involved in it to ensure the well-being of the people, to be the eyes and ears of the president, to denounce anyone who ignores it without distinction of political affiliation.

As for the Bagumyabanga of the City of Bujumbura, she called on to support the President of the Republic, when taking future decisions, to support his projects and put them into practice.

                              The national secretary in charge of development within the CNDD-FDD party

In Gitega province, the provincial secretary of the party Georges Nshimirimana returned to the achievements of the President of the Republic in the political capital of Burundi. He cited, among other things, the establishment of communal hospitals, the construction of communication channels in the city of Gitega, donation of capital to SANGWE cooperatives, the construction of schools, to name a few. It was also an opportunity to welcome more than 4,000 new members, from the communes of Gitega and Giheta, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The National Secretary in charge of ideology, recruitment and the diaspora within that party Anastase Manirambona, who is at the same time the godfather of Gitega, called on these new recruits to use all their strength in development work.

In Kayanza, the provincial secretary of the CNDD-FDD party Mr. Ferdinand Habimana, returned to various projects carried out as promised by the President of the Republic of Burundi during the recent electoral campaign.

In the agro-sylvo-pastoral sector, he spoke of the increase in production through the practice of various advice provided by that high authority. In the development sector, Mr. Habimana mentioned the takeoff of that province for having initiated the federation of Sangwe cooperatives as well as the construction of modern markets in different communes of the province.

Speaking in turn, the national secretary in charge of development within the CNDD-FDD at the same time sponsor of the Kayanza province, Mr. Lazare Mvuyekure, welcomed the fact that the population of Kayanza understood and implemented the slogans of the President of the Republic who are “All together, we can and that every mouth has something to eat and every pocket has money”. He called on the population of this locality to work in synergy and peaceful cohabitation.