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The teaching staff is called for the appropriation of the quality of teaching for the increase of the success rate


Sep 18, 2022

BUBANZA September 16th (ABP) – School principals and teachers are called upon to take ownership of the quality of teaching to increase the success rate during that school year, this was revealed on Wednesday September 14, of the meeting which was held by the governor of Bubanza, Cléophas Nizigiyimana at the place of the directors of the schools to discuss on the obstacles related to the good success, and the related solutions.

View of the participants

Some of the causes of the low pass rate for the past year, which were mentioned during this meeting, include teachers who do not prepare lessons, lack of supervision of teachers by directors, teachers who absent and who do not complete the programs, insufficient school materials, parents who do not fulfill their role in the education of their children and others.

In order to raise the success rate during that school year, the participants in that meeting agreed to take ownership of education and the quality of teaching, and to work in complementarity in order to revise upwards the success rate, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The governor of Bubanza province has warned any director or teacher who will not be up to his task by meaning that he will be replaced.

Governor Nizigiyimana promised that the provincial administration has given itself a mission to seek financial means for the capacity building of the recently appointed directors.