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Education officials are urged to redouble efforts to secure a good place at the end of this school year


Sep 18, 2022

KIRUNDO September 16th (ABP) – The provincial directorate of education (DPE) in Kirundo province (northern Burundi) Mr. Léandre Nkunzimana organized on Sunday, September 11, 2022, a meeting for the communal directors of the Education and their collaborators as well as the communal inspectors, to evaluate the previous school year and prepare for the one which started on Monday September 12, 2022 with a view to increasing the success rate at all levels.

Mr. Nkunzimana recalled that his school province won the eighth place in the 9th grade competition and said that it is a good position.

He took the opportunity to wink at the heads of education in the communes to work courageously to have a good ranking at the national level.

Mr. Nkunzimana indicated that the delays and absences of teachers at school are the cause of poor results in some communal education directorates, that’s why he recommended that school directors ensure that all teachers be punctual in service.

He urged school officials to explain to students the consequences of lateness and absences, while asking them to cooperate well by avoiding all behaviors that can handicap the service.

He also recommended that communal school officials hold weekly meetings to assess and plan activities.

Mr. Nkunzimana gave the example of Karusi province, which always comes out first in state examinations, indicating that this province only respects the orders given by the ministry in charge of education, especially the punctuality of teachers in the service and pupils in class, ensuring that all programs are completed on time.

The provincial director also wanted the DCE to organize themselves to pass a lot of training tests in order to prepare well for the tests organized at the national level. The communal officials welcomed the advice provided by their superior leader but also asked for the necessary means to work well, especially the increase in the budget allocated to DCE and communal inspections.