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The NK Company challenges young people in self-development


Aug 28, 2022

BUJUMBURA August 24th (ABP) – The founder of the NK Company, Mrs. Noël Enama Nkurunziza, organized a press conference with the media on Monday August 22, 2022 to prepare for a public conference which will take place on August 25, 2022, in the framework of challenging young people to self-development, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. It will be held at the panoramic hotel, under the theme “don’t be allergic to your success”.

Mrs. Nkurunziza said that they created a family business NK Company in order to have sufficient income and be able to solve their problems. NK means “Nkurunziza”, family name. Over time, they added activities including NK beauty cosmetics, NK business TV, NK women fashion, NK boss empire. Boss Empire is a framework that will bring together young people, women and men to be able to share their knowledge with them.

The founder of said company invited young people, especially girls, to come and listen, discuss and learn how they can achieve their dreams. She particularly invited parents to come and listen to the message and be able to convey it to their children and those around them.

Mrs. Nkurunziza indicated that they do individual coaching to be able to detect their talents and know in which area they can be guided and supported in order to be able to materialize their ideas and arrive at concrete, achievable and realistic actions, actions that bear fruit.

She announced that there will be an opportunity to show them how to support them financially to get to work, to use the knowledge they received at school to achieve their goal.