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The beekeeping sector faces a lot of obstacles in Kayanza province


May 25, 2022

KAYANZA May 25th (ABP) – Beekeeping is facing a lot of challenges in Kayanza province, despite being practiced in the nine communes that make up that province. We learned from the director of the provincial office of environment, agriculture and livestock in Kayanza, Mr. Adelin Niyonsaba, in an interview with ABP.

Mr. Niyonsaba testified that beekeeping is carried out in all the communes of the province where some beekeepers are grouped in cooperatives while others do it individually. He lamented the fact that this breeding is facing many challenges. He pointed out the lack of modern beekeeping kits where the majority of beekeepers only use an archaic beekeeping kit, which negatively impacts the expected honey production. Another challenge he mentioned is the lack of technical and financial partners supporting that sector.

The director of the provincial office having breeding in his attributions added that the beekeepers do not have the required knowledge. He asks that they be reinforced in beekeeping capacities in order to apply that breeding, while having all the necessary means.

The scarcity of arable land which has pushed the inhabitants to exploit the forests is also an obstacle, said Mr. Niyonsaba, stressing that the bees today lack where to draw nectar for the manufacture of honey.

To remedy all those obstacles, he pointed out, it is useful for the population to plant the flowers or certain trees to allow the bees to find where to draw raw material that helps in the production of honey. As there are some partners involved in the cattle and pigs sector, he hopes that there are others who can support in the beekeeping sector so that in the coming years, the production of honey can be increase.

The director of the provincial environment, agriculture and livestock office took the opportunity to challenge the population to engage in that type of livestock whose product contributes a lot to the diet of the man and helps beekeepers to obtain financial means.

Note that the International Bee Day is celebrated on May 20 of each year.