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Student youth called to love and participate in the development of their province


May 25, 2022

RUYIGI May 24th (ABP) – The governor of the province of Ruyigi, Mrs. Emerencienne Tabu challenges the youth of Ruyigi and especially the female one, to take their future in hand and prepare for it accordingly.

That call was launched on Saturday May 21, when the representatives of the collective of communal associations of students of Ruyigi (CACER) had joined the people of the headquarters of the province of Ruyigi, in the earthworks of the courtyard interior of the building that will soon house the governor’s offices.

After the community works, the representatives of this youth gathered within this inter-university collective and bringing together the nationals of the seven communes of the Ruyigi province and the provincial executives as well as the natives of the Ruyigi province, took part in a meeting aimed at strengthening their aware of the role they must play in their own development without forgetting that of their native province.

After the exchanges rich in ideas and diversity of opinion all aimed at development, Governor Tabu delivered the word of the day rich in advice to the young people of all the universities who were represented in this said meeting.

                                                                                   view of the participants

To all the student youth of Ruyigi in general, Mrs. Tabu called on them to prepare their future by doing diligent work and that of the development of their locality of origin, without forgetting that of their province. She reminded them that the development they desire will never come to them on a golden platter. She let them know that development is planned and organized.

Thus, she underlined, each of them must have a clear vision of the objectives he has to achieve, the means he must use and know the details of each stage of his life, as well as the obstacles he faces. he may possibly meet.

In this process, she says, it is up to everyone to create a positive image of themselves and stop doubting themselves and their weaknesses as if there were no strengths in them. She called on them not to have challenges but rather to embrace the culture of providing new and effective responses to everyday social challenges. She made them understand that today’s youth must definitely abandon the idea that the state will do everything for them, but that they have a duty to create and think in an innovative way.

She encouraged them never to abandon their plans for the future, but rather to revise them to adapt them and correct any mistakes.

To the young girls of all this province, she asked them to follow in the footsteps of their elders like the governor herself, the women communal administrators and the women members of parliament and asked them to push further in their studies and knowledge of the world and wisdom, so that they can take over in the future, why not represent the country in national, regional and even international institutions, she hammered.

To all the youth, Mrs. Tabu reminds them that they are all the architects of the future they want to build and that the genius of these companies is in themselves and not elsewhere.