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Malaria cases remain high despite treatment campaign


May 19, 2022

KARUSI May 18th (ABP) – The volunteers of the Red Cross branch of Karusi (central-eastern Burundi) who are supporting the campaign for the treatment of malaria through advanced sites on 19 villages note with bitterness an exponential rise in cases of malaria in all health districts, one week after the launch of the campaign. There are still plenty of staff.

At the Nyamabega advanced site, Buhiga commune, Buhiga health district, out of 316 cases detected on Monday May 16, 2022, 215 are positive. At the mobile clinic of Maramvya, commune Nyabikere health district of Nyabikere, that same Monday, out of 489 cases detected, 391 are positive. In no mobile clinic in the 19 villages are cases decreasing, according to reports from Red Cross volunteers in action.

It should be noted that the campaign began on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, an intervention requested by the provincial doctor Dr Léonidas Nzisabira from partners and to which PSI Burundi responded favorably and works jointly with the Karusi branch Red Cross.