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Launch of the rice harvesting campaign in the Mubarazi swamps


May 17, 2022

MURAMVYA May 16th (ABP) – The Director General of Agriculture and Livestock, Mrs. Vestine Nyandwi, accompanied by the Director of the Agricultural Demonstration Center of Chinese Cooperation, Yang Huad proceeded to the launch of the harvest campaign rice in the Mubarazi swamps. These marshes separate the Mbuye and Rutegama communes of the Muramvya province from that of Gitega. The latter indicated that the cultivated rice is Japonica type which is recommended in high altitude regions while India type rice is preferable in low altitude regions. Yang Huad also asked rice farmers to first remove poor quality rice that grew inside their fields to stay with their own plantations. This will allow them to have Japonica-type rice only, which they can use or sell as seeds for other seasons, Huad said.

In their speeches, the municipal administrator of Mbuye, Evelyne Ndayisasirire, the director of the BPEAE and the adviser in charge of development in the governor’s office, respectively welcomed the efforts of everyone, but more especially those of the Chinese experts who gave themselves body and soul so that the rice of Mubarazi and Kaniga is for the moment more productive.

As for Ms. Nyandwi, she said that this good production is the result of the synergy of the ministries in charge of agriculture and the interior and that of the producers as well as the efforts of Chinese experts. Mrs. Nyandwi seized that opportunity to sensitize rice farmers on the management of harvested products, in particular the transformation of rice straw into manure which will in turn ensure the fertilization of their marshes in order to continue to increase the production of rice which resists against perculariosis, she concluded. It should be noted that the Chinese experts supported, this year, the rice growers on 50 ha among the 140 located in the marshes of Mubarazi and Kaniga. They plan to reach 300 ha throughout Muramvya province to promote Japonica-type rice which resists leaf blight.