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People of Rumonge province are invited to break with the practice of luettectomy


May 12, 2022

RUMONGE May 12th (ABP) – The medical director of Rumonge province (south-west of Burundi), Dr Jean Claude Ndikumasabo, affirmed, during an interview granted to ABP, that the practice of luettectomy is a reality in this province.

Doctor Ndikumasabo says that this disease is observed through cases of complications recorded at the level of health facilities, when the luettectomy was poorly conducted until the child was brought to the health facility with bleeding.

He explains that luettectomy is not a usual practice as the majority of the population thinks. According to him, there are cases where it can be practiced, but by specialists and not by charlatans who exist at the community level.

In addition to bleeding, Dr. Ndikumasabo specified that this practice also has other harmful consequences for health, in particular the risk of spreading infections because, he explained, that practice is often done in the event of angina and the child can die from sepsis which means the presence of an infection in the blood.

He also pointed out that there may be a risk of nasopharyngeal reflux, due to the fact that the uvula is poorly conducted, with a risk of cutting other organs of the oral cavity at the level of the throat around the uvula.

Dr. Ndikumasabo advises the people of Rumonge province not to resort to charlatans, but rather to entrust themselves to health facilities, assuring that the said province is full of health centers, medical centers, clinics and hospitals to take care of people. He called on the administration and the judiciary to severely punish charlatans practicing luettectomy, in order to eradicate that bad practice at the community level.