• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The governor of Muramvya is concerned about the maintenance of the RN2 by the Sangwe cooperatives of villages


Apr 14, 2022

MURAMVYA April 14th (ABP) – During the governor’s meeting with leaders and members of Sangwe cooperatives of villages crossed by national road number two in Kiganda and Rutegama communes in Muramvya province (Centre-Ouest ) before joining the Political capital to the Economic capital of the country, Muramvya province governor Diomede Nzambimana took his time to listen to the way in which the maintenance work of the RN2 is planned by the cooperatives having signed maintenance contracts with Burundi Road Agency (ARB), a check by ABP revealed.

It was at the time when Governor Diomède Nzambimana revealed that the work was not progressing at all considering the state of play while it is known that the Sangwe cooperatives of villages have a large number of members who can ensure the sweeping of the road in a period of time, he said.

Among the statements of the leaders of the cooperatives benefiting from the contracts with the ARB, it was noted that sometimes those cooperatives work at the level of the villages and communes where the members are not residents. In addition, it was noted that the maintenance of the road is done by some of the members of the cooperatives who think only of personal interests, as Governor Nzambimana suggested. This slows down the maintenance work supported by the ARB, according to him.

For the work of cleaning and cutting unnecessary grass for the protection of the RN2, Governor Diomède Nzambimana asked the communal administrators of Kiganda and Rutegama, who were present in the meeting, to add other sangwe cooperatives so that each of them can ensure the maintenance of the road on its own hill of activities and in order to be able to complete the task granted in a shorter time, he underlined.

Regarding the concern of cooperatives that are at work keeping their remuneration in case of adding new cooperatives for this activity, the governor said that the two months will remain in their respective accounts at the time of payment.

Those village cooperatives are determined to come in large numbers in the coming days so that at least 40 members can line up on one Km in order to respect their contract.

After the meeting, the governor of Muramvya went to Rutegama with the communal administrators of Kiganda and Rutegama for the supervision of the activity related to transparency in the distribution of thirty tons of SOSUMO sugar for retail traders in the different districts of Muramvya province.