• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

The National Youth Council calls for more dynamism among young people


Apr 13, 2022

NGOZI April 13th (ABP) – The provincial chair of the National Youth Council in Ngozi, Mr. Jean Pierre Sabiyumva has asked the young graduates of Ngozi to break with the old mentality of always waiting for employment from the public authorities. It was on Tuesday April 11 after a courtesy visit to the office of the governor of Ngozi. He specified that the primary mission of the Council in the province of Ngozi is to encourage young people to be more dynamic and creative so that they put forward entrepreneurship to create jobs and offer them to others.

According to Mr. Sabiyumva, young people make up the vast majority of the working population. They must use their strengths in the service of the Nation, the communities and their families. Thus, the bulk of the activities of the Council in the province of Ngozi will be to invest in behavior change.

In an interview given to the press, the chief of staff in the office of the governor of Ngozi, Mr. Emmanuel Ntaconsanze, said he was very satisfied with the new provincial team of the National Youth Council, which obviously wants to be very dynamic. He asked them to quickly enter into action with the young people for visible actions within their five-year term.