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The power cut hinders the smooth running of daily activities


Mar 22, 2022

KARUSI March 22nd (ABP) – The power cuts which are becoming more permanent than expected, weigh on the smooth running of activities up to the level of the commercial service of REGIDESO according to the direct and indirect beneficiaries of the electrical energy from the Rwegura dam. It used to be that the Rwegura-Karusi power line often broke down for hours and even days.

At the level of users such as the owners of mills, carpentry, welding equipment, hairdressing salons and public secretariats, the losses are enormous, they say. Time, money and trust in their customers are the most cited.

At the service level, the secretaries speak of the delays in the preparation of reports while the heads of services mention the slowdown in the drawing up of plans and their execution. The connection of the provincial dam of Ndurumu with that of Rwegura only came to disadvantage the direct and indirect beneficiaries, the oldest said with nostalgia. The scarcity of transformers in relation to the demand for power lines causes regular breakdowns which have prompted REGIDESO services to draw up a schedule for alternating mill users at present. In REGIDESO’s sales department, customers who come from different communes to pay the bills complain. They spend the length of the days waiting for the breakdowns to be repaired and often return to REGIDESO with the money, even though they are not spared the penalties reserved for them in the event of payment deadlines being exceeded. That last service should at least have an emergency generator, both customers and service managers asked. The age of the electric poles and the length of the Rwegura-Karusi line passing through Kayanza, Ngozi and Muyinga are the main factors behind those repetitive breakdowns, according to REGIDESO staff in Karusi.