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Rice consumers lament over rice price hikes


Jan 13, 2022

BUJUMBURA January 12th (ABP) – Consumers of rice especially those of the City of Bujumbura lament indicating that this food has increased the price more and more while it is consumed by the majority of the Burundians. This was revealed by a check by ABP Tuesday January 11, 2022, during her visit to various places where rice is sold in the city of Bujumbura such as the central market in Cotebu and in Kinama in the Bubanza district where there are shelling machines.

One of the rice merchants of Bubanza neighborhood Kinama, told ABP that the price of a kg of rice is 2400 Fbu, pointing out that this price has become exorbitant because the farmers of the locality of Gihanga have not produced. sufficient quantity of rice as usual which has made this product very rare all over the country, he explained.

At the Cotebu Central Market, prices vary between 2700 BIF and 3000BIF depending on the quality of that product.

When asked what is behind the increase in the price of rice from Tanzania, these merchants from Cotebu told the abp that the reason is that in Burundi rice is in small quantity, which makes rice of the “umutanzania” type expensive on the market.

The situation arises in that way at a time when that product constitutes an essential staple food in low-income families while it is a product much appreciated and consumed by children.