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Decrease in Covid-19 cases and appearance of isolated cases of cholera in the health district of Cibitoke


Jan 13, 2022

CIBITOKE January 12th (ABP) – A decrease in Covid-19 cases has been observed in recent days in the health district of Cibitoke, unlike the second half of December 2021, the district chief medical officer told us, Dr. Célestin Ndayahoze.

Indeed, at the end of 2021, the situation worsened until the recording every day of a hundred new cases of covid-19, while today, the health district recorded only three or four cases per day.

That official explained that the multiplication of the number of people tested positive at this time of the year was linked to the fact that the month of December remains known as a month when cases of flu or diseases linked to dirty hands are increasing in the provinces. Cibitoke.

However, the cholera epidemic is emerging in Rugombo commune and its surroundings, where three cases of cholera are currently hospitalized at the cholera treatment center installed at the Rugombo health center, according to the Cibitoke district chief doctor.

The origin of the epidemic is mainly linked to the lack of drinking water, in the localities already affected, in particular Miduha of the Rukana hill and Munyika I, of the Rugombo zone and commune.

On that, the lack of drinking water remains a reality in the Rukana village, where the inhabitants must get supplies of that food far from their households, according to the same official. In Munyika I village, people use water from the irrigation canal or the Nyakagunda river, he added. As advice against cholera, the district chief doctor calls on the people to take barrier measures against Covid-19 and hygiene measures against cholera and other diseases.

Dr. Ndayahoze also urged Burundi Red Cross volunteers and community health workers to sensitize the people against cholera, and to use the Rugombo cholera treatment center, as soon as signs such as symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, intense thirst.