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The fight against HIV / AIDS is everyone’s issue


Dec 7, 2021

KARUSI December 6th (ABP) – Children, youth and adults should benefit on an equal footing from the benefits planned and given by the government in the context of the prevention and treatment of HIV / AIDS as indicated the theme of the world day against AIDS “End inequalities, end AIDS, end pandemics” according to the First Lady, Angeline Ndayishimiye who enhanced with her presence, the national celebration in Bugenyuzi commune on Wednesday December 1, 2021.

The causes of the spread of AIDS are multiple but sexual vagrancy, the consumption of drugs and other narcotics, sexual violence and drunkenness take precedence according to the First Lady. The HIV / AIDS pandemic handicaps individual, family, collective and national development as long as health is the first to be affected, revealed Angeline Ndayishimiye. It calls for the rigorous application of the law in force on offenses causing the spread of AIDS.

To young girls and boys, the First Lady calls for sexual abstinence and the abandonment of drugs. To HIV-positive people, she lavishes the courage to consult doctors to follow the protocol of ARVs without complex and to make the regular control.

The First Lady also invites young people to flourish by joining development cooperatives. She also invites parents to promote discussion, in family, on sexual and reproductive health instead of leaving children carried away by social networks which disorientate education.

It is up to political and administrative leaders to supervise and encourage HIV-positive people and young people, she insisted. Note that she took the opportunity to educate the people on prevention against the Coronavirus.