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Demolition of all the kiosks installed on the main roads of the headquarters of the province


Nov 26, 2021

RUTANA November 25th (ABP) – All the kiosks on the roads of the headquarters of Rutana province have been, since Monday, being demolished by their owners on the order of the provincial authorities of the territorial administration, this was revealed in Rutana.

All the kiosks that were near the hospital (25 in total) were demolished. They were of undeniable importance. Passers-by, patients hospitalized in that care structure as well as their nurses were supplied with such or such other item that they needed. Even the nurses on duty, who could not have enough time to return home to eat, found their account there by stocking up on them. According to the adviser to the governor in charge of development, those kiosks, most of which were installed almost in the middle of the road, could hinder the rehabilitation of the urban road network of Rutana by the paving of certain roads and the asphalting for others whose preliminary works are in progress. Classes; hence their demolition. But some owners of those kiosks believe that they wanted to make Rutana a clean city, that is why their wooden kiosks were replaced by metal kiosks installed more than three meters from the side of the road.