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Mid-term evaluation of the renewable energy access project


Nov 22, 2021

RUTANA November 19th (ABP) – The technical director of the Burundian rural electrification agency (ABER), Mr. Audifax Arakaza, said on Tuesday November 16 in Rutana (south-east of the country), to the outcome of the mid-term evaluation of the renewable energy access project, satisfied with the work carried out by the LVIA-GVC-ICU consortium which is implementing this project and indicates that it hopes that by December 2022 , all the activities on the program will have been accomplished given the step already taken.

For the technical director of ABER, the renewable energy access project is halfway through and those who are called upon to jointly implement it are hard at work. For example, one of these three NGOs provided training on the installation of photovoltaic equipment to 26 young graduates, including 10 girls and 16 boys.

According to the head of that project for access to renewable energies, Mr. Peppe Gregu, that training aims to make these young people autonomous because in addition to installing and maintaining solar energy production devices for household use or for community health services, there is the entrepreneurial part through the creation of income-generating activities.

Regarding the other activities that are being carried out within the framework of this project, the technical director of ABER indicated that this project has granted to two cooperatives solar energy pumps for the irrigation of crops. This, he said, responds to the government’s concern that farmers will produce at any time of the year and even during the dry season in order to carry out the slogan of seeing every mouth have to eat at his satiety and any pocket of money to keep.

In addition, to allow the population to develop, 7 solar shops have been set up so that people who have the means and who need to obtain solar energy production equipment can easily find it.

As for GVC’s role in this consortium, it is to provide solar energy to health centers.

The technical director of ABER, this agency which reports to the ministry having energy in its attributions indicated that with this mid-term evaluation of the project known as “Umuco w’iterambere” shows that by the end of the project in December 2022, all program activities will be completed, if at least the project implementers continue that momentum.