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CPDS members are called on to get involved in the response to the impact of Covid-19 at workplace


Nov 8, 2021

GITEGA November 8th (ABP) – Members of the Provincial Social Dialogue Committees (CPDS) in the provinces of Gitega and Karusi are called upon to make their contributions in raising employers and workers’ awareness of strict compliance with Covid-19 prevention measures or mitigation of its impact at workplace. That appeal was made on Thursday, November 4, during the opening of the work of the capacity building workshop for members of the CPDS on international labor standards, social dialogue legislation in the response to the impact of Covid-19 at workplace. The workshop organized in Gitega by the Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Employment with the technical coordination of the CNDS and the support of the International Labor Office (ILO) had the main objective of strengthening the capacities of members of the CPDS on international labor standards, national labor law. It also had the objective of raising the awareness of participants on the role of social dialogue in responding to the coronavirus at workplace, said the permanent executive secretary of the CNDS, Mr. Athanase Mbonabuca. He invited the members of the CPDS to soak up international labor standards and the provisions of the new labor code in Burundi to promote the culture of social dialogue vis-à-vis the differences that may arise at workplace in general and to find answers to questions related to the impact of Covid-19 at workplace in particular.

He also invited the same members to get involved in sensitizing employers and workers on the strict application of barrier measures taken against Covid-19 recommended by the Ministry in charge of Public Health and the WHO. This will reduce the risks of Covid-19 contamination and therefore reduce the harmful effects of this pandemic and therefore increase production.

The socio-cultural adviser to the governor of Gitega, Mr. Samuel Nininahazwe, as well as other participants, indicated that they have already undertaken initiatives to sensitize the people on the respect for barrier measures against Covid-19. They are committed to continuing those activities. They requested financial support to meet certain needs.

The coordinator of the ILO project “Health, Safety at Work and Social Dialogue” which supports interventions to strengthen social dialogue, Mr. Nkurunziza Callixte, invited the members of the CPDS to set up the projects, to submit them to the CNDS and to transmit them to the ILO, which could provide financial support.