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Towards the fourth general census of people, housing, agriculture and livestock


Nov 3, 2021

BUJUMBURA November 2nd (ABP) – The Burundian Prime Minister, Mr. Alain Guillaume Bunyoni proceeded Thursday, October 28, 2021 in Bujumbura, to the opening of a round table of technical and financial partners of the general census of the people, of the housing, agriculture and livestock in Burundi from 2022 organized by the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning.

The Prime Minister said in his opening speech that for the success of the RGPHAE 2022 activity, the State of Burundi needs an envelope of more than 48 billion Burundian francs, or 24.2 million U.S. dollars. He added that this round table is being held after one month of its official launch by the President of the Republic.

                                                                                                             View of the participants

Mr. Bunyoni also signaled that the census process demonstrates the government’s strong will to successfully carry out this major statistical operation instituted by the decree of November 2020. The Prime Minister stressed that the United Nations is launching a strong appeal and recommends to all countries to carry out general population censuses every ten years in order to have exhaustive socio-economic data allowing good decision-making in terms of planning, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programs, whether at the level central or decentralized level.

Regarding Burundi, he specified that the last census dates from 2008 and therefore its data has become obsolete because the country did not carry out its 4th census in 2018. It was therefore necessary to wait until 2022 to harmonize with the other countries. partners of the East African Community who have chosen this year to carry out this census. It is with that in mind that the government of Burundi began in 2019 to develop the basic document for that census in order to be used to carry out all the activities associated with it.

He indicated that the realization of the RGPHAE will update the national sampling frame for future surveys. It will also enrich the stock of economic and social demographic data available to enable decision-makers and planners to have basic indicators necessary for the development, monitoring and evaluation of development plans and programs. It will also provide the basic data for the analysis of gender issues, special analyzes and mapping of basic social service infrastructure including health, education, water, electricity, the market and so on as poverty monitoring. The RGPHAE 2022 will provide the updated sampling frame for future socio-demographic and agro-pastoral surveys.

According to the Prime Minister, this census will be innovative and digital. It will be accompanied by the quality assurance program in order to help ensure the quality of the census products by minimizing technical deficiencies and the risk of errors through monitoring and control actions at all stages. It will also be accompanied by the strategy of rapid implementation, cost reduction and capacity building of national officials. Mr. Bunyoni said that the government of Burundi has made available an amount of two billion Burundian francs for the proper conduct of this census.