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The RNATB now works as a service of the Provincial Bureau of Health


Oct 18, 2021

CIBITOKE October 17th (ABP) – The National Network of Traditional Practitioners Associations of Burundi (RNATB), Cibitoke branch (north-west of Burundi), is delighted to be authorized to work as a service of the Provincial Bureau of Health.

The representative of the RNATB in Cibitoke province, Mr. Salomon Ndizeye, said this recently during a meeting to make contact with the partners, including representatives of the administration, Health, associations of traditional healers and the Framework for the expression of patients in Burundi (CEMABU). He said that typically Burundian traditional medicine is proving to be a reality that is even appreciated by a lot of people in Cibitoke. He spoke about the local provenance of medicines, such as medicinal plants products, their preparation and storage. Traditional medicine pharmacies exist in Cibitoke province, he said, warning traditional healers who speculate on their medicines that prices will soon be harmonized.

That person in charge of traditional medicine did not forget to plead for a strengthening of the capacities of his colleagues so that they can soak up the content of the prescription of modern medicine for the good collaboration between traditional medicine and modern medicine.

According to the representative of the Provincial Health Bureau, traditional healers must work in houses that respect hygiene and cleanliness conditions, with compartments for consultation, the stock of medicines and the pharmacy.

For his part, the chief of staff of the governor of Cibitoke, Mr. Anicet Saïdi, indicated that the associations of traditional healers of Cibitoke must respect the law in this area and work in collaboration with modern healthcare structures for the good health of the community.