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Wholesalers of certain items in the Cotebu market require relocation to the Ngagara market to make it dynamic


Oct 5, 2021

BUJUMBURA October 5th (ABP) – Wholesalers of certain items working in the market commonly known as Cotebu should relocate to the Ngagara market to make the latter dynamic. Those are the words of the tomato wholesalers contacted on Monday, October 4, 2021 at the Ngagara market by the ABP in a visit it made to the wholesale traders of tomatoes, cabbages, amaranths and watermelons relocated from the Cotebu market to the Marché de Ngagara.

The tomato wholesalers told a check by ABP that their current situation is different from that of the Cotebu market. They indicate that the Ngagara market has no movement. They have difficulty in selling their goods, hence they deplore working at a loss. A woman contacted told the ABP that when she was at the Cotebu market, already by 10 a.m. she had sold her goods, but lamented that currently she can go all day without even selling half. She regrets that if she remains in these conditions, she will not be able to feed her children.

Another person contacted by the Burundian Press Agency (ABP) indicated that they are missing customers because some items have been relocated while other items complementary to those that have been relocated remain at the Cotebu market where retail traders find it difficult to travel to Ngagara for some items and then to Cotebu Market for other items. Those movements increase the cost of purchase. That is the reason why retailers prefer to go to the Cotebu market where they would find everything they need.

These wholesale traders asked the administration in charge of organizing the markets to review the organization of the Ngagara market. That market has more kiosks built to standards but which are closed, they explained. They also asked for the relocation of goods such as leeks, carrots, eggplants, peppers, peas, fish as well as meats in order to make the market dynamic and so that retailers have facilities to buy different items. in one market. Wholesalers of watermelons have said they receive customers but not at the same rate as when they were at the Cotebu market. They hope it will come over time. The chairman of the Ngagara market committee, Isaac Minani, appreciated the fact that certain items have been relocated to this market and shares the same opinion as the tomato wholesalers that certain goods which are most used or which go hand in hand with those which are already in the Ngagara market should also be relocated to facilitate the task of small traders and to increase the movement of traders.

Regarding the kiosks which are closed and therefore non-functional, he said that the city warns the owners of these buildings that measures will be taken against them if they do not come and open those kiosks to make them functional.