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The EPT “Bafashebige” coalition is satisfied with the start of the 2021-2022 school year


Oct 1, 2021

BUJUMBURA October 1st (ABP) – The education for all coalition “Bafashebige” (EPT Bafashebige coalition) is delighted with the smooth running of the 2021-2022 school year, across all the provinces of Burundi.

The vice-president of that coalition, Cassien Gashirahamwe said so in an interview he gave to the ABP on Wednesday (September 29th).

The distribution of the school kit through the “Back up to school” by the ministry in charge of national education, the rigor in the operation of recruiting new teachers and the orientation of the pupils at the basic and post basic are some actions which are positively appreciated by the EPT Bafashebige coalition.

Indeed, said Mr. Gashirahamwe, unlike in previous years when school materials were generally distributed with delays ranging from one to three months, the ministry in charge of national education took all the necessary precautions to ensure that this school kit be distributed on time.

Regarding the recruitment of new teachers, the coalition is delighted that this recruitment was organized on time, and that in addition, administrative sanctions were taken against school officials who are guilty of non-compliance with the directives given by the government in this recruitment.

As for the guidance of pupils, the coalition found that the latter went well and that in addition the appeals that were presented by parents were analyzed on time.

The coalition nevertheless deplores the persistence of certain challenges, including the overcrowding of students in the classes, the insufficiency of desks and textbooks as well as the insufficiency of teaching staff.

The Coalition therefore calls on the government of Burundi and its partners to mobilize the necessary funds to find solutions to all those challenges.

The ETP Bafashebige coalition currently brings together some forty Burundian civil society organizations engaged in the field of education. It has already set up regional consultation frameworks which bring together all stakeholders in the promotion of education.

Those are made up of school officials, regional administration officials, civil society leaders and representatives of the Ministry of Justice.