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For a responsible Burundian society with regard to alcohol


Aug 9, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 9th (ABP) – The Burundi Alcohol Police Alliance (BAPA) coalition shows that Burundians in their daily lives have given an important place to alcoholic beer.

People indulge in it, minors as well as adults, some even abuse it, said Mrs. Séraphine Manirambona who proposed that the elderly should consume alcohol in moderation while young people aged under 18 should not take alcohol. She declared it on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Isare commune during an awareness session for the chiefs of the courts of residence, the communal police commissioners, representatives of religious denominations, representatives of the administration, representatives of young people and women.

Consumed irresponsibly, alcoholic beverages have harmful effects on health, the family and even national economy even if some people say that there are benefits of beer, the chief of staff in the office of the governor, Mr Dieudonné Bizimana said when opening the work of that session. He, too, noted that these days the people consume a varied range of alcoholic beverages, the manufacture of which escapes the regulations and even the control of content in terms of degree of alcohol, their conservation and the expiry date is difficult.

He urged the participants to sensitize the people under their authority to check if the drink is manufactured in accordance with the regulations in force, if it meets the standards, its conservation and its validity in terms of expiry.

The BAPA coalition intends to carry out advocacy and lobbying with the public authorities so that there is the establishment, monitoring and implementation of a national alcohol policy in Burundi, its vision being, a society Burundian responsible for alcohol.

Actions must be taken by that coalition and its partners so that there is a national law on alcohol consumption where children under 18 are prohibited from consuming alcohol.