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The Minister in charge of the Media has inaugurated the Radio CDN the voice of Cibitoke


Jul 26, 2021

CIBITOKE July 26th (ABP) – A new community radio station called Cibitoke Diaspora Network (CDN) the voice of Cibitoke was inaugurated on Friday, July 23 by the Minister of Communication, Information Technologies and Media, Mrs. Marie Chantal Nijimbere.

That radio station broadcasting at the headquarters of the province of Cibitoke on 97.0 MHz, since December 31, 2020, was founded by natives of that province living abroad and grouped in the Association “Cibitoke Diaspora Network”.

In her speech, the Minister in charge of the media thanked the founders of that radio station. She indicated the usefulness of a radio for the development of a country or a province and for the safeguard of peace and social cohesion.

She said, however, that it should be put to good use and should convey information and constructive messages. She pointed out that a community radio station should promote producers and their production. It should also promote national culture, and work for the good neighborliness of countries and their people. She stressed that the law and the good treatment of its staff must be respected.

As for the chairperson of the said radio station, Mrs. Denise Nsanzamage, she thanked the Minister and the administration for that event. She indicated that the goal of the founders of that radio station was for it to be a necessary tool for the people of the whole province. She said that this medium will allow the people to express themselves freely to talk about their development activities. It will facilitate peaceful cohabitation and good social cohesion.