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The Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly has visited Mubimbi commune


Jul 24, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 24th (ABP) – The second deputy speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Abel Gashatsi, during his tour of Bujumbura province (western Burundi), went to Mubimbi commune on Thursday where he joined the pupils on vacation and the people of that commune in the summer camp works. The works consisted of bringing the unburnt bricks closer to the firing oven, and in the earthworks of the ground on which the offices of the communal police station will be erected. He finally solemnly inaugurated the offices of the leaders of Mubimbi and Muzazi villages, a check by ABP revealed.

In his welcome address, the administrator of Mubimbi commune, Mr Dismas Harimenshi, indicated that security reigns everywhere and the people go about development works, adding that the time has come for the exploitation of the swamps and the farmers are preparing for season A of 2022. He added that the development works are focused on the maintenance of roads, the manufacture of burnt bricks for the construction of the offices of the communal police station, the Muzazi basic school and the modern market of Kinama. He regretted that the entrepreneur who won the contract to build the trade education center in 2017 did not complete the works.

The governor of the province, Mr Désiré Nsengiyumva, pleaded for the Martyazo zone to be electrified like the Mageyo zone and the headquarters of the commune which already have electricity.

Addressing the people, the second deputy speaker of the NA indicated that he noted that there is security. He recalled that without security, nothing can be done. He called on the people to remember Mubimbi in times of war when there were still bombs, urging them not to hide the criminals but rather to denounce them.

Regarding the entrepreneur who has not completed the works of the trade teaching school, Mr Gashatsi asked that the justice process his case. He positively appreciated the construction of the offices of the village leaders because they will now be found in their offices and not in the bar or under a tree and the same offices will house the people who will settle the village palaver.

While there is a project to build a highway that will link Gitega to Bujumbura, he asked the people living along the road to take advantage of it to sell their agricultural products, especially ripe bananas.

He ended his speech by urging the people of Mubimbi to fight against the Kanyanga drink and to respect the barrier measures as recommended to us by the health authorities because Covid-19 still exists.