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The natives of Mwaro are determined to develop their province


Jul 20, 2021

MWARO July 20th (ABP) – The Vice President of the Republic, Mr Prosper Bazombanza, held, on Sunday July 18, in Bujumbura, a meeting for the natives of Mwaro province to discuss the development of the province.

During the meeting, the participants focused in particular on the current situation of the University of Mwaro, the construction of an Olympic stadium at the headquarters of that province and the construction of a drinking water tank which is more than a necessity according to the Vice President of the Republic.

Regarding the University of Mwaro, it was revealed that it records a debt of 700 million BIF that it took out as part of the investment with an amount of more than one billion BIF in particular for the construction of the campus with a functional clinic with 100 beds. The natives of Mwaro province have already collected 45 million BIF to support that university in reimbursement. It was recalled that this university has many assets to exploit, in particular the qualified staff, the infrastructures including the community university clinic already mentioned.

Mr. Bazombanza also spoke about the construction project, still in that province, of an Olympic stadium which could contribute to the development of that administrative entity. Kicking off, the vice president of the Republic pledged a personal contribution of 2 million BIF and invited other natives to follow suit. He also noted that it is necessary to install kilometric poles on the RN 18 connecting Nyakararo and Gitega while recommending proper operation of that national road. During the meeting, which took place by video-conference, the natives of Mwaro in the country and those of the diaspora promised to contribute to the development of their province. They wanted there to be regular communication to know in which area each one is able to intervene. An account number opened at the management and financing bank (BGF) for the development of Mwaro was thus announced.

The vice president of the Republic reminded the people of Mwaro province to continue to fight against Covid-19 by respecting the barrier measures advocated by the Ministry in charge of Health.