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Administrative officials are called on to be leaders worthy of their name


Jul 16, 2021

KAYANZA July 16th (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza gathered on Wednesday July 14, in Muhanga commune, all the communal administrators, their advisers as well as the permanent secretaries in the communes. He was in the company of his chief of staff and his advisers.

The discussions focused on the behavior that should characterize a leader worthy of his/her name. Various pieces of advice relating to peacebuilding, security tightening and environmental protection were given to them on the same occasion, a check by ABP revealed.

The purpose of that first meeting for permanent secretaries in communes and advisors of communal administrators was to sensitize them on the characteristics of a worthy leader in “responsible” and “hardworking” government.

Kayanza Governor Rémy Cishahayo thus asked the new members of the communal staff to work for the benefit of the entire population and to avoid any form of patronage or favoritism. He also called on them to work closely with the communal administrators while the latter were invited not to make the work private property but rather to share the tasks so that all those advisors have to do.

As nearly one hectare of afforestation located at Mount Mukinya (Muhanga district) separating Kayanza and Ngozi provinces has been devastated in recent days by bush fires, the governor of Kayanza recommended to the communal administrators, to their advisers and the permanent secretaries in the communes to take all the necessary measures to block the road to bush fires. He also pointed out that a two-week delay is given to the owners of tree plantations absorbing too much water in swamps, in shallows and around water sources or watercourses so that they can remove them willingly. “Exceeding this deadline, these plantations will be destroyed by the people in community development works and the cut wood will belong to the work participants,” he insisted.

Governor Cishahayo called on communal administrators to strengthen joint security committees to establish security and to occupy the pupils on vacation with manual labor to avoid idleness.