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Handover of certificates to the beneficiaries of thematic training for capacity building


Jul 13, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 12th (ABP) – The Ministry of Communication, Information Technologies and Media, in collaboration with the Media Support project of the NGO La Benevolencja, proceeded on Friday July 9, 2021, in Bujumbura, to the delivery of  certificates to the beneficiaries of thematic six-month training organized to build their capacities, a check by ABP revealed.

On behalf of the Minister of Communication, Information Technologies and Media, the Minister’s Assistant to the said ministry, Mr. Thierry Kitamoya, thanked the media actors for their irreplaceable contribution in the constant building of the nation. “Everyone is aware of the role of the media, particularly in the process of democratization and decentralization, because, without information, citizens do not have an informed choice about what concerns them. Indeed, informing is not only a right but also a duty,” he added.

He took that opportunity to commend that initiative aimed at improving the professionalism of editorial staff in order to better serve the nation.

The Burundian media landscape is characterized by a perpetual movement of trained journalists towards other better paying employers, which justifies the satisfaction of the supervisory ministry for the success of that capacity building of 71 journalists. They have been trained in the production of information on fundamental areas of journalism, major journalistic genres, documentary research, economic information treatment as well as journalistic analysis, Mr. Kitamoya continued to say.

The assistant of the ministry in charge of the media pointed out that the organization of that training in the interior of the country and in the Bujumbura City Council is part of the continuous support of the partners of the development cooperation through the NGO La Benevolencja in favor of the Burundian media. “Even at the height of the crisis experienced by the country, particularly in 2015, the Netherlands has always been at the side of the Burundian media under various supports for a professional journalism, responsible, proactive against hate messages, and promoting the good governance,” he said. He reiterated his request to partners to participate in feeding the fund intended for the Burundian media.

Mr. Kitamoya reminded the beneficiaries of that technical training to already demonstrate the achievements of the latter in view of the quality of the modules and the length of the training.

The political advisor at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Burundi, Mr. Merijin Noppers, who represented that institution in those ceremonies for the presentation of certificates and the closing of those thematic trainings, congratulated those candidates for having finalized the thematic trainings but also for having chosen that admirable profession. Around the world, journalists play a key role in supporting country and business leaders as well as populations in general to make well-informed decisions, “Without journalists we are all blind”, Mr Noppers said while reassuring that the Embassy of the Netherlands holds the Burundian media close to heart.

The head of mission of the NGO La Benevolencja in Burundi, Mr. Nestor Nkurunziza, said that the 71 beneficiaries of the certificates are journalists from 14 media operating in Burundi. He thanked the government of Burundi for the reopening of certain media. He also thanked the Ministry in charge of the Media which supported them in those capacity building activities for media professionals as well as the Swiss cooperation and the Kingdom of the Netherlands which financed those activities. The directors and editors-in-chief of the various media who were present in those ceremonies appreciated that training, the results of which are manifested through the services of the beneficiaries in their media.