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The Speaker of NA calls on any Burundian to join the Sangwe Cooperatives


Jul 7, 2021

MAKAMBA / MURAMAVYA July 6th (ABP) – In their parliamentary holidays, the Speaker of the National Assembly (NA), Daniel Gélase Ndabirabe, met on Monday, July 5, 2021 to the headquarters of the Province Makamba, the Administrators, MPs from the constituency of Makamba and the provincial and communal heads of services where they traded on the paths and means of development of the people, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Mr. Ndabirabe said that development is possible in Burundi based on the communal community development (PCDC) which has integrated the Cooperative Society called Sangwe as the node of multiplication of riches in the village and in the commune, which. Is referred to the National Development Plan so that Burundi by 2027 is among emerging countries.

He said that Burundi recognizes that the agriculture and livestock sector is the development base, which is why it called for all Burundians to join the Sangwe Cooperatives, because development activities have the basis in the villages.

The second deputy Speaker of the NA (in the foreground) with the governor of Muramvya province (2nd from the right) participate in the works

The people need to be aware of pooling their properties by cultivating the same culture in a cultural season while keeping some part for substance crops. To allow that sector to be a cornerstone of the country, the State has decreased ministries to have key ministries to increase production, has he continued.

Mr. Ndabirabe said the State envisages crop insurance to compensate farmers in case of climatic hazards. He called on the agents of the Provincial Office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock to assist the people during their country activities. He said that the policy of regionalization of cultures that will help increase production according to crop mapping proves to be necessary for each Burundian to know where to find such a variety of harvest.

The President of the National Assembly called for some officers of the justice sector to reconcile justice to justice to allow people not to spend a lot of time in the jurisdictions, while the professionals of religious denominations will have to differentiate politics from spiritual activities.

He emphasized the importance of united families in the development of the country especially that the customs and morals of Burundians must be respected to keep the identity of Burundi.

In Muramvya, the second Deputy Speaker of the NA, Mr. Abel Gashatsi, with Silas Niragira, elected deputy in the constituency of Muramvya, the governor of Province, Diomede Nzambimana, and the communal administrator of Rutegama joined on Monday, July 5th to the world of the headquarters of the Rutegama commune to ensure the maintenance of the gutters and the release of the remains of the legally demolished infrastructure on the RN2 which passes through that locality, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The second Deputy Speaker of the NA called for the people of Rutegama to continue to focus more on the work related to community development, to work in the quadrilogy so that peace and security are always a reality in Rutegama as in all Province Muramvya.

Mr. Gashatsi seized that opportunity to ask the people who had a good harvest during Season B, to manage it in a good father and keep their harvest in storage hangars as far as possible for the purpose of avoiding waste, “he hammered.

Regarding the community works done, he called on the people to maintain that national road how important the fact that it connects the political capital to the country’s economic capital. He then wanted all the remains of the demolished houses to be released before the rainy season.