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Kirundo Province has inaugurated its first community radio called Remeshamahoro


Jul 6, 2021

Kirundo July 5th (ABP) – The Minister in charge of the Media, Mrs. Marie Chantal Nijimbere, proceeded on Tuesday June 29, 2021, to the inauguration of the first Community radio of Kirundo Province (northern Burundi) called Remeshamahoro and issuing on the frequency 102.1.

The consolidation of peace and development is its editorial line, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

That community radio is one of the projects of the Amahoro Center located in Kirundo commune in the Runanira village III.

In his circumstance speech, Minister Nijimbere said that this radio comes to support Kirundo Province’s projects, and that it will help people know their rights and duties, and to know what it must do to arrive at sustainable and inclusive development.

She wished that the emissions of that radio could reach a large part of the people to encourage the development of the country in general and the province Kirundo in particular.

Mrs. Nijimbere said that radio is a tool that is responsible for educating the people in everyday life without ignoring it can also be the tool for destabilization from the country when they do not exploit it as necessary.

She seized the opportunity to ask journalists from the same radio to work in respecting professional ethics and the law governing the press.

The Kirundo’s people are waiting for that radio a lot of things, the reason why the Burundi government has given its green light to launch its emissions, “said Minister Nijimbere.

She has strongly thanked community radio promoters in that province of Kirundo.

She promised that Radio Remeshamahoro is part of the radios repertoire that benefit from the fund support to finance the media. She asked the people of Kirundo and especially the administrative officials to appropriate that radio because it is there for the interest of all the people of Kirundo. She pointed out that this radio that opened its doors should not close after 5 years, but rather it must be perpetuated in order to contribute to sustainable development.

As for the representative of the radio and the Amahoro Center, Stéphanie Mbanzendore, she said that the Amahoro Center was inaugurated in 2011 by the former First Lady of Burundi, Denise Nkurunziza and that he plans to implement to implement Several projects including the construction of a health center, a school and opening a radio that has just been carried out in the first place.

Mrs. Stéphanie also indicated that the Amahoro center is based on youth education and women’s training still in view of peacebuilding and encouraging development, stating that 140 women have already been trained in different communes of Kirundo Province.

The representative of Remeshamahoro radio said that this radio will always guide Kirundo’s people in their projects, whether in agriculture, livestock, in various trades and in the consolidation of Burundian culture and peace. That Kirundo Province changes his face in development. She also said that the Amahoro center has a project to open up its television to allow the people to access images of the province’s projects. Mrs. Stephanie has strongly thanked the minister in charge of the media that has enhanced the inauguration ceremonies of the radio, stating that it is a sign that the government has welcomed that initiative.

As for the representative of the Ministry in charge of the Interior, Mr. Pierre Chanel Ntarabaganyi, he asked the radio officials to disseminate emissions that teach the people on the organization of the administration, to preach the benefits of joint security committee, to educate the people, especially by providing youth advice to no longer cross arms on “Ligalas” rather to encourage work to develop the country.

The governor of Province Kirundo, Mr. Albert Hatungimana, promised that the administration will support and ensure the security of that community radio that comes to support the development of the province. He asked banks, associations and cooperatives, the entire private sector to enter into partnership with that radio to promote their activities.

Minister Nijimbere also proceeded to the inauguration of Kirundo’s community center TV located at the province’s chief town, and the department in charge of the communication awarded 11 computers connected to the very high-speed Internet, with whom ON Go make videoconferences, a multifunctional printer, an overhead projector, tables and chairs.

The Minister in charge of Media indicated that this center will allow the people to have knowledge about information and communication technologies and to have an idea about it.