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Celebration of the 59th anniversary of national independence in the provinces of the country


Jul 5, 2021

GITEGA / MWARO / MAKAMBA / BURURI / NGOZI / CIBITOKE July 5th (ABP) – The country’s provincial people responded to the ceremonies of the celebration of the 59th anniversary of independence.

In the province of Gitega (center of the country), the 59th anniversary commemorative ceremonies were chaired by the governor of Province, M. Venant Manirambona and saw the participation of a large crowd. That day was also celebrated with brilliance, which began with the deposit of the sheaves of flowers on the hero monument of the national independence, Prince Louis Rwagasore, successively by the provincial governor and the communal administrator of Gitega.

They continued at the Ingoma stage where the rest of the festivities took place, starting with the hunch of national colors seconded by an ecumenical prayer. A long parade to which many people have participated in all socio-professional layers, mostly dominated by the teaching sector, took over. For more precision, that parade has experienced public and para staff, civil society organizations, banks and insurance, cooperatives, informal sector associations such as taxis-motorcycle carriers, carriers by head of commercial goods and so on. That parade having lasted more than an hour brightened the assistance and was closed by a military and police parade.

The scrolling bodies walked into a lifeline, at the rhythm of the fanfare. The varied numbers of animation groups have embellished festivities such as exhibition of drummers, traditional dancers, majorettes and karatekas.

The speaker of the day was the province governor of Gitega who read in the message to the nation that the President of the Republic presented on the occasion of the National Day. That communication was centered on the painful moments that the Burundian people crossed during German colonization, first and Belgian, then. Those moments were characterized by the desacralization of the king, the erosion of society and the creation of ethnic groups, read Mr. Manirambona.

He continued on an appeal to Burundians to do a conscientious examination to transcend all the misdeeds of colonization that still subsist now with some citizens. The speech thus called the Burundians to rise as a single man to build their nation in order to create a national independence marked by autonomy in all aspects of national life.

In Mwaro, the highlights of the day were marked by the Governor of Province’s speeches, the representative of the Burikukiye, that is, those who are 59 years old.

All those speeches focused on the sustainability of the independence, a legacy of Prince Louis Rwagasore by the work of every citizen for the development of our common heritage, Burundi. The Governor of Mwaro, Gaspard Gasanzwe, in his speech, read widely the speech of the President of the Republic addressed the day before the nation. A check by the ABP approached the Mwaro Mushingantahe, Jacques Manirakiza, who saw Burundian independence. He was 29 years old.

He indicated that since that date, remarkable advances have been noted in the field of economic, social, political development in Burundi. He pointed out that for effective, sustainable independence, it takes a democratic culture, respect for human rights, the work of everyone, groupings in development associations, cooperatives to increase production, the fight against thieves and other criminals. Mr. Manirakiza said that, respecting, by safeguarding the ideals of Prince Louis Rwagasore, we will have a just, prosperous, peaceful and developed Burundi in all sectors of national life.

In Makamba, the ceremonies of the celebration of the 59th anniversary of independence began with the hunch of national colors, those of the national unity and the EAC. A long parade of different production sectors of the province was closed by the defense and security bodies and the landing and boarding of the commandos.

These ceremonies were also marked by traditional dances including Agasimbo and the majorette dances known as the club initiative Intwari of the Makamba, Mabanda and Nyanza-Lac communes. In her opening speech, the administrator of Makamba, Mrs. Zuena Irakiza, indicated that the situation is satisfactory in all the meetings thanks to the government which has set the prices of different foods. The governor, Françoise Ngoziraza, delivered the message that the Head of State addressed to the nation for the 59th anniversary. Mrs. Ngoziraza awarded five people including the Roots and shoots national coordinator, Mr. David Ninteretse, for his effort in the protection of the environment, the director of the Technical High School Our Lady of the Rosary of Nyanza-Lac, Mr. Gérard Nduwayo, Because his institution ranks among the first at the national competition, the 3rd is the Reverend Pastor of the Church of the Unity of the Holy Spirit in Burundi (Eusebu), Mr. Jacques Mazuru, for his commitment to the multiplication of selected seeds; The Communal Commissioner of Mabanda OPP1 Bosco Niyonsenga, for apprehending a lot of fraud as well as Mrs. Agnès Nihazi for his supervisory of the Children’s Intwari Makamba Initiative.

In Bururi, the people responded to the ceremonies that started with a mass celebrated at the Mary Queen Cathedral of Bururi.

The festivities continued to the monument of independence where the sheaves of flowers were filed by the municipal and provincial administration and then continued at the Kabuye stadium by a long parade of students, community associations, officials of the State and the private sector as well as financial institutions. It was closed by a defense and security bodies. These festivities have also been embellished by dances and different games.

The ceremonies were chaired by the governor of Bururi Province, Leonidas Bandenzamaso, who made the discourse of circumstance which is the speech to the Head of State.

In Ngozi, ceremonies were held at the Provincial Stage of Muremera. They started with a long parade that lasted more than two hours. That parade was opened by the staff of the Ngozi commune and was closed by the local elements of the defense and safety bodies. Several bodies have marched including public and private segment officials, community-based organizations, communal representatives.

In Cibitoke, the ceremonies marking the 59th anniversary of the Independence of Burundi took place at the capital of the province, where the six communes met. Everything started by the deposit of the flower sheaves of the administration by the governor and the communal administrator of Rugombo. A long parade followed until the Cibitoke stadium, where the ceremonies and speeches of the day took place.

In his occasional speech, the Governor thanked the large participation, before reading the speech of the President of the Republic of Burundi in full. On that day, the governor of the province Cibitoke has called upon his people for tracing level curves in order to increase agricultural production.