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The second component of the people supervision project with the Integrated Peasant Plan approach has been launched


Jun 15, 2021

KARUSI June 15th (ABP) – The governor of Karusi province (central-eastern Burundi), Mrs. Calinie Mbarushimana, is delighted to note that the ELAGA association (Livestock Aquatic Agriculture), present in the province for three months, is implementing successfully its project of supervising the people with the Integrated Peasant Plan (PIP)-Mboniyongana approach in order to promote positive behavior change.

She reported it to a check by ABP on Friday June 11, after the launch of the second component of the project in the Karuri and Kigoma villages of Buhiga commune.

The worst poverty is that based on ignorance or unconsciousness, said Governor Mbarushimana, who advocates promoting positive behavior change. Stakeholders in provincial development, who are more focused on raising awareness of behavior change, are welcomed with open arms, provincial governor continued to say.

The ELAGA association, in its PIP-Mboniyongana approach, encourages the beneficiaries of its project to first make their household card containing everything that is there and everything that is done, including the behavior of members, particularly that of the father and mother of the family. They evoke what needs to be improved and draw the map of the future, which marks the projection of a better future.

The legend of the different maps must be clear in order to allow tangible verification of the achievements, according to Mrs. Mbarushimana. The first beneficiaries, called leaders, are invited to take the lead in front of the rest of the community, said the provincial authority. She promises to visit them regularly. She thanks the ELAGA association which, instead of goods, offers lessons.