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Creativity is possible for anyone without a disability


Jun 1, 2021

BUJUMBURA JUNE 1st (ABP) – Mrs. Florence Nzeyimana, an artist met on Monday May 31, 2021 in Bujumbura in an exhibition underway since May 28, 2021 of products made in Burundi, indicated that creativity is possible for anyone without a mental disability or physical malformation.

During a check by ABP’s visit to various exhibition stands, she noted that Mrs. Nzeyimana makes various ceramic and paper objects such as animals, vases, and so on.

She also makes Indian pearl jewellery. During the interview, Mrs. Nzeyimana said that she started ceramics at a younger age, being in the 9th grade where she made various DIY (Do-It-Yourself) objects. Little by little, she improved her knowledge in that area and began to have clients for her objects. She also clarified that in the year 2012, an artists’ census was launched and an artists’ exhibition was organized and she ranked among the best, which allowed her to have a stand at the living museum.

She claimed that making the paper and glue items led her to give job to street children. When she arrived at the living museum, she became famous in ceramics. As she was studying at the university at that time, she began to improve her knowledge at the same time weaving carpets to put in houses or in cars, making jewellery from Indian pearls.

She also said that she improved practical knowledge by participating in fairs of products made in the East African community. It was there that she learned to make jewellery from Burundian pearls. Mrs. Nzeyimana further reported that thanks to her craft as an artist, she was able to afford the academic training fees for the whole year.

Mrs. Nzeyimana told the check by ABP that even though she is an economist by training, she is an artist because she saw that going to apply for job here and there and waiting for the result is wasting time, and she preferred to develop her innate talent. She added that she joined the Burundi Business Women’s Association (AFAB) where she benefited from entrepreneurship training and participated cheaply in fairs. She has shared her knowledge with other women and single mothers who wish to take up the career of ceramics and the manufacture of various beauty objects.

Mrs. Nzeyimana calls on the young unemployed not to waste time, and ensures that the creativity is there. You have to harness your innate talents while considering your entourage and intelligence, she said.

She also winked at women who stay at home to wait for their husbands’ income to come out and look for what to do because, according to Mrs. Nzeyimana, anyone who stays home doing nothing is considered a disabled.